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Bread and butter pudding recipe

Bread and butter pudding recipe

The ultimate way to use leftover Bread is Bread and Butter Pudding! It’s excellent with pre-sliced but even better with leftover Bread.

This classic comfort dessert is custardy and golden on the outside, with a buttery topping. What will you serve this with? What about ice cream, cream, or custard?

Bread and Butter Pudding

I can remember my first experience with Bread and Butter Pudding. I was cynical. What? Stale Bread as a dessert? It was ridiculous.

You will be amazed if you have never had Bread and Butter Pudding. It is truly a beautiful dessert. Tell me that you do not want to eat it!!

While it is well known as a simple, rustic dessert with a frugal history, today, the humble Bread and Butter Pudding can be found on the menu of upscale restaurants. They make it using rich, extra-buttery, buttery Bread, like Brioche or challah. This gives it an incredibly luxurious edge.

Today, we are using plain, old-fashioned white Bread. You’ll probably agree that this Bread could be more economical!!

What you need to make Bread and Butter Pudding

Bread…butter…and a few more ingredients: eggs, milk (or cream), sugar (less than most recipes), sultanas, raisins, cinnamon, and vanilla.

This is a stale plain white cob loaf I had left over from a recipe that never happened. But ANY plain bread will work just fine – pre-sliced or not.

Best Bread for Bread and Butter Pudding

Using unsliced Bread is best because you can tear or cut it into pieces, giving you a custardy texture and a much better crunchier surface. These are all desirable characteristics for a Bread and Butter Pudding, which I consider company-worthy.

My recipe also includes instructions on how to layer pre-sliced toast best.

It’s best to choose sweet or plain soft Bread.

Plain white Bread, sliced or unsliced, in loaves, blocks, rolls, hamburger buns, hotdog buns, etc.

Raisins or similar pieces of Bread will go well with a sweet dessert.

Use stale plain cake. I’m not one to keep leftover cake around for long, but if that is what you do, go ahead. Toss the egg mixture with a little more care.


Bread too stale- a slightly stale loaf is best, but if the Bread is so dry that it crumbles when crushed, or is so hard that you cannot tear it with your hands, or is so solid that you could grate into breadcrumbs, then it’s not good. It will turn into breadcrumbs after being soaked in egg mixture.

A very crusty, chewy artisan loaf (like the sourdough). It will work fine but won’t be as soft or custardy. The sourdough in grocery stores and bakeries is less crusty so it will work fine. I’m referring primarily to the expensive (proper sourdough).

Seeded savory Bread, I am not here to tell how you should or shouldn’t flavor your bread-and-butter pudding. However, using Bacon and Cheese Rolls could yield an odd result.

Dense loaves of bread – Pumpernickel and other dense ryes …. obviously.

I used a stale white cob loaf for a different recipe today, but it never came to be.

Shareable or as individual portions

You can make this in individual loaves of bread, but I made it in a large baking dish for easy preparation. This is how they spread it at upscale restaurants. It lBreadgreat when you serve a bread platter with some sauce or ice cream.

After removing it from the oven, let it rest for a couple of minutes if you make a large loaf. This will allow it to “set” a little so that you can cut clean slices instead of the Bread falling everywhere.

This post shows how to stack squares on top of one another to make the dish looBreadler.

Recipe Notes

Bread You can use any Bread, including raisin or plain white. Hot cross buns, Brioche, anything! Artisan Bread with thick, chewy crusts – e.g., Some sourdough can be used whether fresh or slightly stale. If they are dried and super stale, they won’t be suitable for this recipe. You can’t tear them apart with a knife. Rye, Seeded Breads will work just fine. I would recommend something moderate in flavor as it might clash with the sweetness of the vanilla. Gluten-free – It works! The only thing that matters is how good the GF loaf is. Measure Bread – Please see the photo below to understand my discussion. You stack the Bread into a cup so that it is heaped. Imagine if you lightly breaded on it; it would even out the cup. We can’t give a weight because pieces of bread vary in density. You won’t need to worry about exact measurements – when you mix Bread and eggs, you can tell if the mixture is soaked through or if there are still a few drops of egg mixture remaining (slightly). The worst Bread is to use less Bread and not get it soaked. This will result in a dry pudding. Pre-sliced Bread: It’s also great made with sandwich bread that has already been sliced! Use 12 (thick cut) slices or 14 (standard thickness), then cut into triangles and layer in the dish, slightly overlapping each layer (so the surface is not flat). Sprinkle with sultanas. Pour egg mixture over everything. Slightly stale bread works better because it doesn’t turn to mush instantly. When using fresh Bread, be gentler when mixing it with the Egg Mixture. 2. Cream Bread & butter pudding is a basic recipe that uses only milk. To give it a little richness, I use cream—just milk as an option. Use milk instead of cream (2 1/2 cups total). The extra egg is needed to ensure this sets, as milk isn’t as thick as cream. 3. Sultanas This bake time tends to brown too much. While some are fine, too many will be a problem. If you find breasts of them on the surface, push them in!

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