How South African wineland workers used global networks to fight for their rights

In recent years, South Africa has seen a resurgence of the exploitation of workers in apartheid-style. The debates surrounding these practices were given a new impetus by the release of Bitter grapes four years ago. The documentary was produced by Tom Heinemann of Denmark and featured South African Wineland workers. Bitter Grapes shed light on widespread exploitation. The hardships include health and […]

Two glasses of wine might add more sugar to your diet than eating a doughnut

The UK government has focused on soft drinks in recent years to reduce sugar consumption, but this approach hasn’t yet been applied to alcoholic beverages. In 2018, the government introduced a “sugar tax” on soft drinks. This means that manufacturers will be charged up to 24p for each liter if they contain eight grams per 100 milliliters. The government introduced “sugar […]

O’Farrell resignation: red wine, political blood and cultural memory

In the age of digital technology, 24-hour news cycles, and anticorruption bodies with broad powers, political scandals are a constant product of the grind of greed and government. The tone of many investigative current affairs programs and fictional political dramas is influenced by the tracking of the 1992 break-in in the Democratic National Committee H.Q. in Washington, D.C., back to Richard Nixon’s White […]

Young Africans could disrupt authoritarian states but they don’t – here’s why

Africa has 75, which will make up the African population. In 2080, the number of young Africans between 15 and 24 is expected to reach 500 million. Although population dynamics differ across the continent, most sub-Saharan nations have a median age below 19. Niger has the youngest median age in the world at 14.5. South Africa, Seychelles, Tunisia, and Algeria all have median […]

How Trump’s deportation plan threatens America’s food and wine supply

In January, after Donald Trump takes his oath and starts implementing the policies he promised during his campaign, mass deportations of up to 3 million undocumented migrants will begin. Reports indicate that there are not enough criminals to achieve Trump’s goal. According to a prominent migration think-tank, only 820,000 immigrants without documentation have been convicted. Trump will have to deport several millions of immigrants […]

How the Virgin Mary brings together different faiths in Pakistan and India

Karachi is a violent city in Pakistan. In 2016, 1,046 terror-related deaths were reported in Karachi. Nearly half of the young people in the city want to leave Pakistan. Violence is caused by a variety of factors, including political, religious, and ethnic divisions, as well as organized crime. In 2016, more than 70 Christians were killed in a park while celebrating Easter. Forced conversion by […]

Champagne is deeply French – but the English invented the bubbles

In 1889, the Syndicat du Commerce des Vins de Champagne produced a pamphlet promoting champagne at the Exposition Universelle in Paris, claiming that Dom Perignon, procurator of the Benedictine Abbey of Hautvillers from 1668, was the “inventor,” “creator” or discoverer” of sparkling champagne. “Come, Brothers! I drink stars!” is the famous quote often attributed to him. The story of a blind monk having an epiphany, […]

How technology can help nations navigate the difficult path to food sovereignty

Can trade help maintain communities’ identity as the globalization of society creates a more multicultural society? The concept of “food sovereignty” is based on this question. The right to healthy, culturally-appropriate food produced using environmentally sound and sustainable methods has been defined. It is also the ability to own one’s food system. The term “culturally appropriate food” refers to a […]

Australia’s system of taxing alcohol is ‘incoherent’, but our research suggests a single tax rate isn’t the answer

The taxation of alcohol in Australia is best described as “incoherent.” The 2010 Henry Tax Review used the term to describe a system where some wine faces no alcohol tax at all, while expensive wine is heavily taxed and cask wines lightly. Beer (but not wine) is taxed based on alcohol content. Brandy is taxed less than other spirits. Cider […]