Mud cake recipe

The classic mud cake is everything you could want from a Cake… Rich, dense, and covered in the creamiest and sweetest frosting. It’s the perfect birthday cake for kids’ parties or celebrations. Why You’re Going to Love This Recipe This is my most requested cake. It is a huge hit. What’s not love about a rich chocolate mud cake with the creamiest frosting? You’ll […]

Hokkien noodles recipe

Hokkien noodles are one of our favorites. It’s hard to resist a bowl of egg noodles drenched in a savory sauce. Hokkien noodles are egg noodles commonly used to make Hawker-style dishes in Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, and China. They are available in supermarkets or Asian groceries, either semi-dried or fresh. You can blanch the fresh ones briefly, then add […]

Lamb shoulder recipe

Lamb’s shoulder is a versatile cut of meat that can be prepared in various ways. Lamb shoulder can be braised, grilled, chopped, and added to a stew. It’s also a great alternative to expensive cuts such as lamb shanks and leg lamb. Here are 17 different ways to prepare lamb shoulder. Irish Lamb Stew This traditional Irish stew is a great leftover: “This soup […]

Plum jam recipe

This classic recipe for Easy Plum Jam is made with sweet, ripe, and juicy plums at the peak of their season. This is the best method to preserve the delicious stone fruit for the coming months. Why we love this recipe: This simple recipe has four ingredients: plums (or apricots), sugar, lemon, and water. This recipe does not need to be pectin-free. This recipe will demonstrate […]

Lamb ragu recipe

Slowly Braised Lamb Ragu is a dish that brings comfort and warmth. You’re like me and crave comfort food during the winter months. This dish is like a warm hug in a bowl! A slow-braised lamb ragu tossed with twirly pasta, pillowy-tender soft gnocchi, and lots of grated Parmesan cheese & cream would be the definition of huggable… Do you know? Slow Braised […]

Bread and butter pudding recipe

The ultimate way to use leftover Bread is Bread and Butter Pudding! It’s excellent with pre-sliced but even better with leftover Bread. This classic comfort dessert is custardy and golden on the outside, with a buttery topping. What will you serve this with? What about ice cream, cream, or custard? Bread and Butter Pudding I can remember my first experience with Bread […]

Friand recipe

BASIC FRIAND RECIPE Lemon Friands — The most amazing mini cakes you’ve ever had!! You will love this rich, buttery cake made with the simplest ingredients. Lemon Friands is a Kiwi or Aussie classic mini cake similar to French Financiers. Some of you may need to become more familiar with this delicious baked treat – Friends. This post will be filled […]

Red wine jus recipe

This Red Wine Jus Recipe will become a staple in your kitchen. This sauce is rich and flavorful. It pairs perfectly with a pan-seared steak or a grilled one. The base of my red wine reduction sauce is steak drippings, which are then complemented by fresh ingredients and herbs to create an intensely satisfying sauce. Red Wine Jus Recipe This red wine […]

Oysters kilpatrick recipe

The perfect appetizer or platter is oyster, Kilpatrick. The shells look and taste great when placed in the middle of the table. This unique oyster Kilpatrick is easy, quick to prepare, and cheaper to make yourself than purchasing from a restaurant. P.S. We can almost guarantee that if you are not a big fan of oysters, you will love the oysters Kilpatrick with crisp bacon and Worcestershire […]

Potato rosti recipe

Rosti, the traditional hiking food of Switzerland, is a dish made from fried grated potato, often topped off with bacon, cheese, or a fried egg. This hearty dish is served year-round in many mountain huts, restaurants, and hotels. Since moving to Switzerland in Switzerland, I have eaten Rosti on numerous hikes and skiing days. My Swiss neighbor taught me how […]