7 Reasons to Avoid Diet Soda

WEIGHT GERMINATION Many people believe diet soda can make you fat because it makes you crave for sugar. Another possibility is that people who are trying to lose weight or who have poor eating habits might consume diet soda. They may be more inclined to have a Diet Coke with large fries and a Big Mac as a calorie-saver. ARTIFICIAL […]

Santa Dinner in San Diego: Where to go in 2022

Do you have any ideas for where to eat Christmas dinner? You may prefer to eat at your favorite restaurant rather than cook. This article will list all the beautiful places you can eat at for your Christmas celebrations in San Diego. Fogo de Chao Christmas dinner is the perfect opportunity to experience the delicious culinary delight that is Fogo De […]

7 Reasons Farm Fresh To You is a Great CSA for Busy Families

CSAs have become a popular way to purchase products from local farmers. I had been meaning to investigate a subscription but was concerned that my frequent travels and inability to choose the fruits and veggies included would reduce its value. I was wrong. Farm Fresh To You, a CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, is flexible enough for our […]

Tips for traveling with wine  

We’re spending Christmas Day at home with our family. I have two luxury escapes from the holiday chaos. The first was last weekend’s trip to Four Seasons Westlake Village. Next week, we will depart for our second-holiday getaway. We hope the weather cooperates because we are scheduled to swim in the Bahamas. Sometimes I travel with wine, which might seem […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Plank Grilling On The Barbecue

In partnership With Sterling Wines. This summer has been incredibly hectic, and we have relied on plank cooking to make quick meals. Plank grilling can cook everything, from fruits and vegetables to meats. It also minimizes the mess that comes with built-in barbecues. The smoke adds flavor and lets you leave the food on planks rather than transferring it to platters. […]

Turmeric lemon water: Your Daily Detox Drink

I have been enjoying a warm glass of lemon water for many years to start my day. This is because of the numerous health benefits it offers. However, I have recently switched to drinking lemon water and turmeric. Here’s why. Lemon water has many health benefits on its own. It helps detoxify your body by giving your digestive system an extra kick. My morning […]