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7 Reasons Farm Fresh To You is a Great CSA for Busy Families

7 Reasons Farm Fresh To You is a Great CSA for Busy Families

CSAs have become a popular way to purchase products from local farmers. I had been meaning to investigate a subscription but was concerned that my frequent travels and inability to choose the fruits and veggies included would reduce its value. I was wrong. Farm Fresh To You, a CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, is flexible enough for our busy lifestyle.

Farm Fresh to You reviews have been overwhelmingly positive since it is a family-owned, certified organic farm located in Northern California’s Capay Valley. It has been in operation since 1976. The farm is also located in Bardsdale, which is in Ventura County. Farm Fresh to You is proud of the relationship it has with its subscribers. They do an excellent job keeping subscribers informed about what’s happening at the farms via newsletters that include care tips and recipes, farm tours, and other events.

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Our Mixed Organic Fruits and Vegetables Box

Our first box of Farm Fresh to You produce arrived. I quickly put them away, and they were gone. It was amazing to see how organic fruits and veggies were integrated into our summer activities, such as barbecues, camp lunches, and at-home dinners.

You can customize your box. Continue reading.

Why Farm Fresh to You Suits Busy Family

It is a tedious task for me to navigate farmer’s markets. I try to buy organic produce whenever I can, but it’s not always easy. These farms must adhere to strict regulations, which means they can ensure that their farming methods are sustainable for the environment. Some farms claim to be organic, but they cut corners where necessary. This is not something I am interested in.

There is no commitment

CSAs may require a commitment for a season and a large downpayment upfront. Farm Fresh to you is a monthly, pay-by-month fresh fruit delivery service. The box we received cost $46, but you can choose from a variety of options that range from $26 to $110. It’s free to try for a month, and you can continue if it is your favorite. You can also choose the frequency at which your boxes are delivered.

You can customize your box

You can customize your box before product delivery. This is a big selling point. You can order certain fruits or vegetables if you are planning a recipe. Add peaches to your children’s diet if they are in season. Other farm products, such as olive oil or eggs, can be added.

You can always have fruits and vegetables on-hand

I often go to the grocery store, which is something I don’t love. I do it to stock up on produce. The fact that we can customize our CSA boxes will cut down the trips and keep our stocks from running out. My daughter will go for healthier snacks if there’s no fruit.

Boxes can be located during vacation

If you are away from home or don’t need delivery, you can stop your package online. It’s easy. Our subscription is currently on pause while we travel. You can restart your subscription online. This level of customer service is appreciated by me.

The cost is not much different

Our fruits and vegetables are mostly purchased at Sprouts or from our local Farmer’s Market. We calculated the cost of items in our Farm Fresh to You Box if they were not available and came up with a number that was only a few dollars less. It arrived at our door. We are supporting a local farm and putting money back into the community.

High quality organic produce

You know that I said that we ate all the food. You may not always get the best quality fruits and vegetables when they are stacked high in a produce box. This means that you might have to wait for them to ripen before picking the perfect piece. The Farm Fresh to You box contained one peach that was not perfect but the rest were excellent.

Bottom line

California has a few zip codes that offer delivery services. Find out if delivery is available to your area. This is a great CSA San Diego residents should try.

TheĀ Farm Fresh To You reviews that I read before signing up were positive and our boxes were delivered. This service is a great option. I hope you will give it a shot. Let me know what your thoughts are if you give it a try.

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