Recipe plum sauce

If you’re tired of bland, salty condiments, the plum sauce is a great alternative to make your preserved spices go from dull to refreshing and bright. The homemade plum sauce provides fresh, light flavors to many classic Chinese take-away meals. If you were to eat a pre-made plum sauce from the package, you could be shocked by how excessively sweet […]

Fish batter recipe

The battered and fried fish recipe is simple and delicious, making the ideal fish fry for making fish and chips. Fried fish makes a popular choice at any time of the year. It’s perfect for busy evenings or those needing something substantial and quick. It is a breeze. You can fry delicious fish. FRIED FISH RECIPE The kind of fish you choose […]

Mushy peas recipe

You can either love or dislike them; the traditional mushy peas pair well with British foods, as peanut butter is served with jelly. They are usually done with pub food like fish and chips or hot meat pie, and mushy peas fill the space traditionally reserved for coleslaw on the meal plate at American eateries. In Ireland, they are often […]

Zucchini slice recipe

Zucchini slice is among those “secret” food items which are quick and easy to prepare using just a few ingredients in the pantry and leftovers. Is it a quiche? Are you referring to it as frittata? You can’t but cook the recipe once, and you’ll soon become one of your go-to healthy meals for picnics, lunches, party snacks, and much […]

Thai beef salad

Traditional Thai beef salad (Yum Nua) made using grilled beef steaks! The beef salad recipe is easy to prepare and can be an excellent choice for people adhering to a low-carb, gluten-free diet. Thai steak salad (Yum Nua) is possibly one of the most known dishes from Thailand. The steaks of beef are grilled and mixed with tomatoes, cucumber, shallot fresh chili, […]

Chocolate self saucing pudding

This is a chocolate smug dessert that’s got everything. It’s simple and quick to prepare using just six ingredients, making it ideal for entertaining or serving as a tasty comfort food during a hectic evening. It’s super chocolatey and gooey. It’s also low in sugar and doesn’t contain eggs. It even has a microwave mug cake version! If you’re like […]

Chicken patties recipe

These delicious poultry patties are a fantastic option to use up any leftover chicken. They are as simple as it gets! Mix a few ingredients into your processor and cook the patties with olive oil. They’re delicious and crispy, and the leftovers taste delicious too. Each week, I pull out a baking sheet to bake a lot of breasts from chicken. They’re simple […]

Spinach and feta rolls

It’s all due to the autumnal weather, and I’ve been in the kitchen lately! Unfortunately, life has brought about an upswing of September for you and your family, and I’ve been unable to do anything. Once upon a time… Or, more accurately, on the first day of each month, a girl from a small town called Lexis was making dinner […]

Can you eat a raw potato

Cooked potatoes are trendy in salads, side dishes, and main dishes. However, eating potatoes in raw form isn’t as prevalent since they’re usually thought to be less appealing and more difficult to digest. While eating potatoes in raw form could provide various health benefits, there are some questions regarding their nutritional and safety. This article focuses on the benefits and […]

Curried egg sandwiches

Learn to make Simple Eggs Salad Sandwich Recipe | Curried Egg Salad Sandwich with an easy recipe video instructional. It’s a breeze to put together. It’s not even cooked, besides toasting bread. The curry powder was a hint which gave it a little spice. Then dijon vinaigrette kicks it to the next level, providing a beautiful yellow hue. Time for a relaxing Saturday: […]