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Bloody mary recipe

Bloody mary recipe

The Bloody Mary is an eye-opener, a hangover remedy, and a nutritious breakfast. What else can it do? Harry’s New York Parisian bar is credited with creating the versatile cocktail in the 1920s. But its history still needs to be settled, and there are many different takes on the classic spirit-and-tomato-juice combination.

No matter where, when or who invented it, the Bloody Mary cocktail is still a great cocktail that keeps evolving. Although most Bloody Mary recipes begin with vodka and tomato sauce, there are many variations to the classic formula.

Check out these 12 recipes to find your favorite Mary recipe. Whether it’s spicy or herbaceous and with vodka, gin, or even bourbon. Get creative next time you want to make a Bloody Mary for your weekend plans. You may have found your new favorite brunch drink.

Bloody Caesar

Looks delicious, eh? This is Canada’s national cocktail. It contains the usual vodka, celery stalk, and hot sauce, but what makes it unique is the four ounces of Clamato. This is a mixture of tomato and clam juice. This unusual ingredient produces a surprisingly tasty drink.

Bloody Roman

Only some could convince us that adding a raw oyster into a cocktail is a good idea. We trust celebrity chef Chris Cosentino. You should try his Bloody Roman concoction, which includes Anchor Steam beer, olives, and briny bivalves. It would be best if you tried it at least twice.

Bloody Bulldog

This Bloody Mary is made with gin, proving that vodka is not the only clear spirit to use in Bloody Mary. The recipe includes a British London Dry brand Bulldog, a garlic clove, balsamic vinaigrette, and other Mary mixers.

Bloody Elixir

Old Bay seasoning is the secret ingredient in this Bloody Mary cocktail by San Francisco bartender H. Joseph Ehrmann. He claims it to be the best Bloody Mary in all of history. Ehrmann has more tricks up his sleeve than just Old Bay Seasoning. The recipe also features a tasty combination of pickle and olive brines. To top it all off, there is a garnish consisting of a bacon spear and a dill pickle spear. You can even see Ehrmann making his favorite Bloody Mary.

Bloody Bull

What about beef broth in a drink? This is what’s happening. The classic Bloody Mary is given the beef bouillon treatment, providing a meaty and savory taste. The traditional accompaniments of lemon, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce complement the vodka and tomato liquid and bring the whole room together. You can use one to make a beefier, richer Bloody Mary.

Red Snapper

You wouldn’t be mistaken if you called the Red Snapper a Bloody Mary with Gin. While the vodka-spiked Red Snapper defers to tomato juice and other flavorful ingredients, the gin in a Red Snapper provides a solid backbone that shines through all of the cocktail’s components. If you love gin and want to taste the alcohol in your brunch cocktail, this is for you.


This recipe for a vodka-based brunch cocktail from bar professional Casey Elsass combines the clear spirit with carrot and lemon juices, shallots, black pepper, caraway seeds, and a small amount of horseradish.

Mayan Michelada

The Bloody Mary is Mexico’s version of the Michelada. The usual source of alcohol for this cocktail is beer, but Tijuana’s Picnic adds a dash of mezcal to amp up the booziness.

Bunny Mary

This is also a Bloody-based carrot juice created by the now-closed Brooklyn-based bar Extra Fancy. This sweet-savory brunch drink combines vodka or aquavit with lemon juice, caper salt, vinegar-based spicy sauce, and honey syrup.

Bloody Kirby

Nick Mautone, an NYC bar professional, has created a cocktail that brings the Bloody Mary into the Dirty Martini category. This drink combines Kirby cucumbers with dry vermouth, citron vodka, and Tabasco before shaking it up and adding tomato juice.

Cucumber Snapper

This cocktail is similar to the Red Snapper but a more refreshing and less spicy version of the classic gin and tomato juice. The now-closed Fedora in NYC created it.

Bloody Maria

This tequila-based version is a tasty alternative to vodka. The drink is laced with two different brands of hot sauce and has a lot of horseradish. Add a slice of queso, a spear of cucumber, and hot peppers to the mix

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