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Turkey mince recipe

Turkey mince recipe

We have searched the web and selected 22 healthy turkey mince recipes that you can try. Turkey is more than just a holiday dish.

Turkey Keema

Keema, also known as keema in India and Pakistan, is a street food and main dish made from richly spiced lamb mince and vegetables. This recipe uses turkey mince, which is lower in fat and calories.

Simple Turkey Chilli

This simple recipe is full of flavor and will keep you warm during cold winter nights.

Unbelievably moist Turkey Meatloaf

This meatloaf is made by blending minced turkey, mushrooms, and seasonings. Then you bake it to perfection. This protein-packed dish will take about an hour and a half to prepare. Remember, the leftovers are great for sandwiches!

The Best Turkey Burger

You want a burger but don’t like ruining your diet. You’ll love the low-fat and high-protein versions of these beauties.

Turkey Tacos

Look no further for a healthy take on the Mexican Taco. These little corkers go well with your favorite salsa.

Curried Ground Turkey and Potatoes

Try this easy recipe for a taste from India. You can follow their recipe to impress your family and friends with your culinary abilities.

Greek Turkey Meatballs

All-time favorite meatballs are now healthier! The meatballs are moist, tender, easy to prepare, and drizzled with Greek yogurt Tzatziki Sauce!

Syrian Stuffed Pumpkins

This recipe combines a traditional Thanksgiving dish with the stuffing of their Syrian neighbors. This recipe is a great way to bring everyone together and provide a healthy meal we can all enjoy throughout the year.

Turkey Enchiladas

Enjoy this delicious tex-mex recipe with your turkey. This recipe provides 47g of protein per serving at a low-calorie count.

Turkey & Veg Sloppy Joes

A classic American dish made healthier. They are loaded with protein, and the vegetables don’t get shortchanged. These will become a favorite with your children.

Rockin’ 5 Ingredient Sweet Potato Turkey Chili

Everyone loves a good chilled recipe, and fitness enthusiasts love sweet potatoes. You can combine the two to create a delicious, high-protein dish your family will enjoy. This recipe is easy to make and uses only sweet potatoes, minced turkey, onions, garlic, stock, and canned beans.

Turkey Pesto & Garlic Meatballs

What’s not love about the title? Whether prepared in a slow cooker or oven, this recipe will be a big hit in your family.

Spicy Chipotle Turkey Burritos

They are a great way to prepare meals! You roll ground spicy turkey and vegetables in a tortilla. These Burritos have a lot of flavors flavor, so be aware of their simplicity! These can be frozen and then microwaved for quick meals on the run.

Turkey Meatball & Spinach Soup

The soup is easy to prepare in three simple steps: make the turkey stock and cook the meatballs. Combine both ingredients into a hearty soup with vegetables. This soup is so easy to make and perfect for cold winter nights.

Turkey Bolognese

We may be biased, but this is an absolute winner!

Quick Turkey Ragu

This recipe is a real winter warmer, packed with hearty ingredients, and will chase away those cold days.

Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet

This recipe uses sweet potatoes, the carbohydrate for every fitness enthusiast.

Korean Ground Turkey & Rice Bowls

This recipe is quick and easy to make and uses sweet, spicy, and rich turkey mince.

Ground Turkey Black Bean Enchiladas

Mexican food is a huge hit right now, and you’ll see why when you make these enchiladas!

Homemade Maple Breakfast Sausage

This recipe makes a delicious American breakfast sausage.

Thai Paleo Meatballs

Thai Meatballs are baked in the oven with fresh flavors and served with a simple sauce.

Turkey-Chorizo Burgers With Creamy Guacamole

This winning recipe combines chorizo’s spicy, fatty, and savory goodness with turkey mince to create a winning burger combination.

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