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Pikelets recipe

Pikelets recipe

Everyone loves these little soft, fresh morsels. Today, I’m sharing five variations of the original recipe of the best pikelets that are sure to please the entire family.

Soon the kids will be heading back to the classroom, and I’ll have to start thinking about what to pack in their lunchboxes. As I have three kids, they all like different lunches. It is easiest to freeze various baking items ahead of time. Here are six other pikelet recipes. I hope your family loves them!

The Best Pikelet Recipe + 5 Variations Play Video

This easy idea for back to school is brought to you in partnership with Countdown Supermarkets. They know that this is a difficult time for many families. The end of the summer holidays, getting the kids ready for the new school year, and the high costs associated with this period are all factors that can make this a challenging time.

We want to share some ideas with you that are easy, quick, healthy, and affordable. I am happy to share with you some easy lunchbox ideas. You can make them after dinner or at the weekend and then freeze them for the next week. The pikelets are great for lunch boxes because they freeze well.

Making the basic pikelet is so easy; you only need a few pantry essentials. You can use my sweet and savory recipes, just omitting the sugar. You can split the batch and add extra flavors to determine which one you prefer. Think about what you already have in your freezer and cupboard. You might even come up with some new ideas. I like to keep it simple but tasty.

I’m looking forward to your feedback.

The variations are:

You can eat them with your hands if you need clarification on what they are. They are dense, small pancakes, but the texture is different. When cooked, the batter is thicker and more dense, so you don’t need a knife or fork! They can be eaten in a variety of ways: warm or cold. Sweet ones with jam, butter, or cream. Savory ones served with salmon, blini, or plain butter.

Pikelets, also known as Griddle Cakes or Drop Scones in some places in the UK, are popular in New Zealand and Australia. They originated in the UK but are now called by many names worldwide. In the UK, they’re also called Griddle Cakes or Drop Scones. They are also known as crumpets in other places.

The method of cooking them is an entire lesson in culture and language. A girdle, perhaps? It was necessary to check my recipe. Was it a griddle or a girdle? No, it’s not. In Scotland, it’s called a “girdle”; in Ireland, it is a “griddle,” and the Welsh call it a “bakestone.” That was what Google told me, so what would you call it? I use my nonstick frying pan, and my recipe has some good tips to ensure your pikelets turn out the best.

You can find several back-to-school recipes here. You could do some baking on Sunday and be ready for the next month!

These ideas are great for before, during, and after school

They are delicious! With the following variations, you can make it sweet or savory. I hope that you enjoy this simple and affordable recipe.

I am looking forward to finding out which is your favorite.

Add dry ingredients to make variations

Choc & Raspberry – 1 Tablespoon Cocoa and 1/4 cup Chocolate Chips. 1/4 Cup Diced Raspberries.

Apple & Cinnamon – 1 Apple, peeled and grated, one teaspoon Cinnamon.

Mixed Berries – 1/2 Cup Diced Fresh or Frozen Raspberries, 1/4 Cup Fresh or Frozen Blueberries.

Banana & Sultanas – 1 Small Mashed Banana, 1/4 cup Sultanas.

Vege & cheese – Omit sugar and beat egg only. 1/2 cup is peeled & grated Zucchini squeezed out of the liquid. 1/4 cup grated carrot. 1/4 cup fresh, canned, or frozen corn. 1/2 Cup grated cheese.


In a medium bowl, add the flour, baking powder, and salt and stir to combine (if making the variations add these to the dry ingredients now)

In a separate bowl, add the egg and sugar and whisk or use an electric beater to beat until it is pale, fluffy, and creamy approx 1 minute.

Add the egg mixture and the milk to the dry ingredients and mix well until just combined but no lumps remain, allow to rest while you prepare the nonstick frying pan.

Prepare a teatowel on a rack or plate, folded in half to add the cooked pikelets as you go.

Heat the frying pan or griddle over medium heat; using a kitchen paper towel, add a little butter to the frying pan surface.

For the perfect smooth golden brown pikelets, wipe all the butter out of the pan with the kitchen paper towel.

Add large tablespoons spoon-sized batter to the pan, cooking four at a time; monitor the heat to ensure they are not burning.

Once the bubbles form and begin to pop on the pikelets, gently turn them and cook for up to a minute longer until the underside goes golden brown

Remove from the pan and add place within the folded tea towel.

Repeat by gently wiping butter into the pan and wiping off., and continue to cook the remaining batter.

Serve warm or cold with toppings of your choice.

You can freeze any leftover pikelets for another day.

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